I am excited to offer a special opportunity! I strive to offer services that are accessible to everyone, while I value the work that I offer, and cover my cost of living on the planet. As I continue to explore possibilities for alternative reciprocity, I offer payment plans, and look for ways to offer scholarships, sliding scale options, and barter exchanges when possible. This all leads me to lean in to alternative ideas for how we can share resources as we move toward a more sustainable lifestyle on the planet.

I am very much inspired by Danielle LaPorte, an author and motivational goddess whose books and blogs help to set people on fire for living a passionate life. If you arent familiar with her, you probably want to be and can google or find her page on Facebook. A few months back, Danielle  offered one of her latest books based on the ‘pay what you can’ model.  It occurs to me that this is a perfect way to open the accessibility to the love, energy & medicine that helps us to grow.

In honor of being able to say YES! to new ideas, and with a love of sharing the gift of Reiki, I am offering September’s Reiki Class for the special cost of: PAY WHAT YOU CAN!!

What this means is that when you register to join us (and space is limited, so connect soon if you would like to take advantage of this!!), you can let me know what you are able to pay & how you would like to send your payment.

All I ask is that when deciding on what you are able to contribute, that you hold in your awareness the planning & materials that are are factored into facilitating a class. The regular registration for Reiki 1 is $125. No one will be turned away. I am so very excited to share this opportunity with you!

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