Several years back, I had to choose a thesis topic for a program I was enrolled in and I chose the topic of Sound Healing. Writing that paper, in and of itself was a healing process! One of the most interesting things I learned when I was researching is that sound moves 4x faster through water than air.


I was already experimenting with the healing power of singing. This new piece of info opened me to understand when we sing or create sound from within our own bodies, we can accelerate healing. Because our bodies are made up of 75% (or more) water, when we intentionally create sound and move it through us, it travels quickly through all the water in our body!🌊


Sound Healing

As a part of the thesis presentation, I was asked to lead a guided sound healing experience. It was the first time I facilitated something like that and it went really well. There were about 10 people who participated in the circle and each of them had a unique and moving experience. I partnered with my frame drum so everyone could open to the sacred sounds and vibrations inside them. I witnessed the energy and power in the vibrations that each person brought through. Some folks went deep and some scratched their own surfaces. A few of them were surprised at what was inside them, ready to be released.


I realized right then and there that this practice had the potential to clear, heal, and activate so much more than we could ever imagine. I’ve been incorporating this practice in my 1:1 and group healing work ever since. The beautiful thing about it is once you find your own source of sound, you can use it to heal yourself and to help others.


If you’re interested in this type of experience, it’s included in Accelerate – Sacred Training for Healers. This is live online (with a bonus in person retreat!) and it starts in July. We’ve got a few spaces open. Come join us! I’d love to share more. Check out the scheduler to set up a time to talk with me. Enrollment is only open until July 6, so be sure you connect with me before then so you don’t miss this opportunity.


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