Last week was about neutralizing trauma because it gets in our way of connecting to our knowing. This week is about restoring power. We, as humans, have experiences where we lose power. Sometimes it’s taken from us, sometimes we give it away. Sometimes power is lost due to unforeseen circumstances. Power can be lost when we have physical or emotional trauma. Power can be lost in abusive relationships. Power can be lost when you are in a car accident or if you have surgery, part of you can be, can disassociated or disconnected. You can be disconnected from parts of you. And often when this happens, we don’t do anything about it. We live in a modern, contemporary culture that does not teach us about keeping our power. And one of the things that I find is that when we are aware, when we’ve had power loss, or even if we’re not aware that we’ve had power loss and we learn how to welcome our power back, we have access to more than we ever knew was possible.


When you’re aware that your power has been lost, you can welcome it back in pretty simple ways so you can reach your joy and your light. It’s easier to communicate with your soul when you’re not weighed down. You don’t often hear the whisperings that your guidance and the sacred forces have for you if you’re not in your power.


So what I want to share with you today is a simple practice. Most of my practices are simple. Yet when they are done on a regular basis, they are profound. A simple practice to help you to restore power. And you can use this for anything, any situation where you feel like you’ve lost power. I lead a process in my Soul Path programs where I guide people through an experience to bring their power back. If you’re interested in more of that, you can contact me for a soul path breakthrough session. For today, I want to offer you an invitation to welcome your power back in a simple way. And you can do that by taking a breath, opening your heart, feeling your feet on the earth, placing one or two hands on your heart, welcoming in your connection to the sacred or to your soul.


You can open your conduit, allowing the sun to come through and the earth to come up and reach you. You can put your roots down in the earth and simply say, “I call my power back to me. I call my power, my energy, my life force back to me from all the places and spaces that it has gone”. And if you have specific times in your life where you know your power was taken or lost – accidents, surgeries, trauma, witnessing violence, you can hold those times lightly in your mind, not experiencing them or reliving them, simply holding them with intention and call your power back from those disempowering situations. “I’m calling my power back. Thank you for returning. Thank you for being here so I can access you fully”. And you may see or hear or feel that energy coming back into your heart and to your third eye, into your belly. This works whether you see and experience it or not. And it’s that simple.


After you do that, breathe, pay attention and offer gratitude to the power for returning. It’s all you need to do. It’s an easy way to welcome your power back to you so you have it available to you for your own healing and evolution.


Your soul has all the information that you need. It’s got a blueprint for what’s possible in your life. If you communicate with your soul and start listening to what is available from your soul, you’ll be guided. You’ll feel stronger, you’ll feel more free, and you will receive messages that help you forward on your path. And as you do that, you have the opportunity to heal and transform on deep levels and to make a bigger impact on the world.


If you want assistance or want to dive more deeply, you can book a Soul Path Breakthrough Session right here. We can talk about working together. And I look forward to the next segment with you, which is called Vibrate. It’s about sound and resonance.

This week is about Restoration Restore. And if you’ve been following along and learning about the secret listening methods, you know that I created this to help you connect more deeply with your guidance. I have been shown, and I have found through what I have been shown, that when we have a few components in place, when we have a few new practices in place, we can expand our consciousness and tap into the wisdom of our soul.



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