Path To Power Retreat

Come spend the weekend discovering a roadmap for connecting with spirit


Immerse yourself in the magic of the woods, unite with the pulse of the drum and join in a sacred circle of ceremony with a welcoming community of people just like you!


You’ll learn how to travel to a place where you can consistently access the realm of invisible guidance that lovingly awaits you.


With the sound of the drum as the vehicle that opens the door to alter your consciousness, you will  naturally drop into a place where you can easily access your spirit helpers, guides and allies.


This weekend is for healers, seekers, dreamers, and teachers.

It’s a vibrant gathering for those who enjoy being surrounded by the trees and immersed in the beauty of nature




As I’m leaving, I feel cracked open and filled with fire and electricity, like I know my power and I know my truth. I feel confident and like the things I want are no longer behind a glass door. – Lauren, Therapist






How to become a sacred container (and why it’s important!)
Shamanic Journeywork protocols for traveling to the spirit world
The healing benefits of shamanism today

How shamanic practices restore power

To meet and communicate with your guides, allies, and helpers

How to ask questions so you can decipher the messages you are receiving

To travel between the upper and lower worlds of the shamanic realms

THE RETREAT INCLUDES Immersive Shamanic Journeywork training

Lodging for the entire weekend 

Shamanic Mentoring with Brighid Murphy

** At this time, you may need to bring a tent if indoor lodging is full. If you don’t have a tent, check with Brighid before registering**


Practical understanding of shamanic healing

A solid process for managing your personal energy

A proven protocol for creating a relationship with your guides, allies and helpers

Concrete ways to nurture and enhance your relationship with the invisible realms.

There is a power in taking time for oneself.

Honoring your spirit and communing with nature,

Returning home to who you are,

Opening to receive new wisdom & grace.


There is a power in letting go

In releasing what once was

To make room for the new


There is a radiant power

Just waiting to awaken

To be fully unleashed

From inside of you!


Ready to deepen your connection with spirit, receive solid information for yourself and others?

You are going to love this training retreat


2022 Dates TBA

Friday, 4:30pm-Sunday, 5:30pm

       Our Retreat is held at a rustic lodge in Shutesbury, Massachusetts

           Indoor Lodge Accommodations available when you register early

      Tenting options once the Lodge accommodations are full

          Details, location and what to bring will be emailed to all registered participants


One time payment of $497 $397

Or make two payments of $217

P2P Member

P2P Member- Make Two Payments

“Before I came to the Path to Power weekend I felt very lost, undefined, empty, stressed, and alone. Now I feel like I am finding myself and I know what to do. My biggest takeaway is finding my strength and my spark. Learning how to journey and communicate with spirit has been a life-changing experience.”


Retreat Participant

The retreat weekend was such a wonderful space and Brighid expressed such care for everyone that attends the event. I actually learned more about myself in one weekend then I have in years! I connected with Spirit in a whole new way. I feel like I upgraded in my personal journey after being in the space, thank you!

Donna Brown

Reiki Practitioner

I’m so honored to have been able to be a part of this. My mind, body, Soul & Spirit have deeply expanded in such an intangible way. Every minute was a sacred blessing to my Life. I can’t wait for the next time to do any kind of work with you. Your teachings are so clear, present, grounded, compassionate, creative….a totally wonderful retreat

Deb Card


Commune with nature

Connect to Spirit

Learn shamanic techniques

Open to receive the new

Raise your vibration

Deepen your awareness

Meet kindred friends

Enjoy a beautiful lodge in the woods

Have a fun adventure

Get away from mundane routines

Have specific questions?

Contact Brighid


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