Wellness Retreat

1:1 Intensive Immersion for Mind Body Soul Alignment
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Sacred Purpose

There comes a time when your whole being needs a break. Maybe you’ve been overworking and stressed out, lost your motivation, or been trying so hard to heal. Perhaps you’re struggling with a decision or just need to clear your head. Whether you’ve needed a reboot for a long time or you’re just now realizing it’s time for change, you’re in the right spot. The truth is, there’s only so much healing you can do when you’re living your day-to-day life in the same patterns and routines. Do you want to stop being stressed and get clarity for this path you are on? Want to move beyond what blocks you and keeps you stuck so you can embrace freedom and peace within?  It’s time to stop pushing yourself, to give yourself space to heal and receive support so you feel the joy that you know in your bones you’re meant to be feeling in order to move ahead on your Soul Path.

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Healing Catalyst, Shamanic Practitioner and Soul Guide

Listen to your soul

The Space to Heal

Almost 20 years ago, I was completely burnt out and my body was a mess. No joke – I was so stressed, I thought I was going to have a mental breakdown. I didn’t know what to do with myself and there wasn’t anywhere I could go. My teachers offered me to come to their homestead to receive healing work and it was a lifesaver – it was everything. It gave me breathing room and opened me to the next road on my path.  There are very few places like this and even fewer healers who offer this type of immersive healing process in their homes. It was a gift to be invited to heal in this manner. I am now so very grateful to be able to welcome you into my healing sanctuary in the same way. While you’re here, we’ll come up with a plan that gets you back on track and you’ll leave feeling lighter, clearer and connected to your core. I look forward to working with you!

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Awaken Your Medicine

When you join me for a Soul Path Retreat, I will show you how to align yourself so your body and mind can communicate with your soul. You’ll be cradled in the healing hands of nature while receiving daily healing treatments to relieve your stress and eliminate physical, emotional, and psychic inflammation that causes you pain. You’ll unplug from the everyday hustle and bustle and tune into your core to establish a healthy baseline. Whether you’ve recently got off track or have been feeling disconnected for a long time, you’ll leave this space rejuvenated and ready to move forward in your life. Imagine how you will feel!

You’ll remember how to slow down and receive.  We’ll clear what’s in the way of your power and I’ll teach you how to open a window to your soul so you feel and perceive on a new level. You’ll trust your intuition and start tapping into the inner wisdom that’s just under the surface. We’ll neutralize trauma that keeps you frozen and hold open a door for ancestral healing. Energy blocks will be eliminated so you have full access to the clarity that evolves you on your path and you’ll embrace your best self. 

** Have a friend or partner who’d like to join? Our retreats can accommodate couples and small groups. Please ask for details. **

I have worked with a lot of healers and practitioners throughout my life. Few offer the level of depth, support and continuity that Brighid Murphy does. She has lovingly and firmly guided me through the murky waters of change. She is clear and grounded with a stunning capacity to venture into the unseen realms of the spirit world.

Artist, Massachusetts

I am doing fabulous thanks to you, even during this crazy pandemic.  I am calm, I am meditating daily, and I am working on manifesting my future again.   When I look out my window at my beautiful pond view, I can’t help but think back to all the steps you taught me to create this and here I am, seeing with my own eyes, how you CAN manifest and change your world!  I am feeling stronger every day.  Bless your giant heart and your masterful teaching skills….I am so happy I can’t believe it! First time in 60 years I am living stress-free!


Dawn MacCarthy

Awakening Spirit

There was a spiritual, molecular shift that happened for me. I was finally able to see at the core of what my issues were and make a huge shift. The first shamanic session was completely mind blowing. Each session with Brighid brought me something I really needed in my life!

Photographer, Pennsylvania

Soul Path Retreat

How It Works

The Soul Path 1:1 Transformational Retreat is tailored to your healing needs.


Healing Sessions

You’ll receive daily healing treatments to remove toxicity and inflammation 


Shamanic Medicine

We’ll open ceremonial space for soul retrieval and ancestral healing.

Earth Healing

You’ll spend time in nature, allowing the medicine of the woods to fill you. 

The journey

Soul Path Process

It's Time

There is a medicine inside you waiting to awaken: soul level clarity, loving compassion, and peaceful moments are waiting for YOU to finally open the door to receive them. Stop waiting + Start Actively Manifesting Healing in your Life!

Soul Path Wellness Retreat gives you:

  • An opportunity to heal and integrate old trauma that keeps you stuck
  • Space to tap into the guidance of your soul
  • Access to shamanic practices to get the answers you need
  • Communication with your body in a new and sacred way
  • The compassionate loving care that allows you to release what weighs heavy in your heart
  • A shift in consciousness to embrace healing along all timelines and dimensions
  • Tools to move out of fear and step into the changes you want in your life

This highly supportive experience includes:

Lodging and nourishing, personally made-for-you meals for your entire stay

1:1 Support to restore your health on all levels  

Personalized Shamanic Medicine Sessions that address trauma and restore power 

Individual daily healing treatments that: 

  • Reduce and eliminate inflammation
  • Align your personal energy field and psychic boundaries
  • Cultivate a new agreement with your body’s ability to heal
  • Eliminate unwanted energies in and around you
  • Accelerate your spiritual growth and development
  • Retrieve lost and fragmented energy and power 
  • Call your body back to it’s wholeness
  • Promote detoxification in your physical and emotional bodies
  • Restore your nervous system
You are worth it

Align with your soul

By taking time for yourself and creating a space for something new to occur, a door opens to activate transformative healing on a cellular level. By healing old trauma that used to keep you stuck in defeating patterns, you are free to cultivate a life based on the alignment of your true self.  Through the shamanic practices and healing protocols shared with you, you learn how to align with your true guidance and communicate with your inner wisdom so you can live the life you’re here for. You become lighter as you feel the expansion and support of your sacred forces guiding you.  From this place of power, it’s easy to bring yourself into balance so you are at peace and living to your full potential.  Your stress level decreases, your nervous system resets and you’re confident knowing how to open a door to listen in a sacred way so you can heal deeply, shift your consciousness and use that energy to elevate yourself and the world.

wellness retreat - person standing outside in nature wrapped in a blanket with their eyes closed and the sun on their face

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you are truly ready for a shift in your physical and emotional health and you’d like a compassionate healing catalyst to support you. It’s for you if you want to ignite the healing potential inside of you and are ready to dedicate healing time for YOU!



How long do I spend there?

Each healing retreat is unique and dependent upon what you’d like to change in your life. The average retreat is 1-7 days.


What kind of results can I expect?

You can expect to gain more energy, for the fog to clear and feel lighter, on purpose and supported by your soul and the sacred forces around you. You can expect to gain the birds’ eye view that spirit lends you when you show up for yourself. You’ll feel rested and restored with clarity on exactly what you need to do to continue healing and transforming every day in your life. Expect to feel rejuvenated and for your nervous system to reboot itself in the most beautiful way. 

How much does it cost?

The contribution for your healing retreat will vary depending on the length of stay. Inquire about payment options.

To say the word transformative doesn’t quite encompass the enormity of my experience. I received several healing sessions as well as the opportunity to journey and experience things that I never imagined. I left feeling not only reconnected and rejuvenated but also re-aligned to an awareness.  After trying to force a connection through some previous training methods, the connection felt unattainable. Brighid showed me you can choose a new path, a new direction, and become reconnected with the core of yourself.

Melody Rice

Wellness Retreat Participant

I was recently reminded of the incredible work you did with my body last May. While I was in some pretty intense physical pain, it was also like one of those echo pains that ripples out forward and backward in a way that overwhelms my consciousness. Whatever you did felt like such a deep and penetrating love force! It unbound time and space and met me physically and spiritually in such a profound way. Thank you, thank you, thank you for spreading your magic in the world this way!!! 

Marcella Eversole


Working with Brighid has been life-changing. I’ve connected with Spirit in ways I’ve never known possible. Finding guidance, respite, a sense of safety, and protection I’ve never known. In this connection, I’ve opened and have experienced relationships in new ways. 

Angela Hazen

Healing Arts Practitioner


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