This week is about rooting. I created the sacred listening method to help you access information that’s available to you. I created it to help you access guidance and soul wisdom so that you have a bigger picture available to you for your own healing and for the expansion of your consciousness. You’re free to work with the energy that’s available to you so that you can hear and receive what’s coming through and so that you can make a bigger impact on the planet. 


Last week I talked about alignment and it was all about creating a place and a space for answers to reach you. This week is about setting yourself up as a conduit and as a vessel to receive information. You can be in communication with or in contact with a bunch of information and if your container is frazzled and all over the place, then you’re not really going to know what to do with that information. So one of the ways that you can shift yourself so that you’re not frazzled, so that you are connected to something larger than you- and which helps you to be a better conduit – is for you to root into the Earth. 


Conduits move energy. To move energy we need a way for it to flow through. If you are stopped up or stiff emotionally or psychically then it’s not going to move through. It’s going to get stuck! If you open yourself as a conduit, then energy can move through. 


One of the easy ways to do that is to open the bottoms of your feet and open the space above your head so that energy can wash through you and you can get clean and clear and release what you don’t need to be composted into the earth. As you do that, you can also use the opening through your spine and your feet to grow roots, to create roots, to cultivate roots so that you’re connected into the earth. So you’re clearing space for energy to move through. 


When you’re rooted and your channel is open, you can develop your sacred listening practice and maintain it without getting thrown off by all the other energies that are around you on the planet. 


A simple way to do this (I go more deeply into this in some of my programs) is to breathe. You can do this right now. Breathe into the Earth… and as you breathe, slow your breath down. Imagine that the bottoms of your feet are open.  Imagine that your exhales are going down through your body and into the earth. As your feet are open, energy from the earth can come down and greet you and energy that is not helpful for you, can move down through the earth and be compost. Simple as that. 


The next thing to do is open up the space above your head. That allows the sun and stars to come through. And when your feet are open and the space above your head is open, you can allow energy to move through. You’re no longer stuck with a lid on you, you’re open. 


From here, continue to breathe.  Breathe and imagine that you’re creating roots. Roots that extend from your spine and your feet right into the earth. You might hear, smell, see, feel…there are all different ways to experience your roots.Imagine that your breath goes down into roots. Those roots wrap around sturdy solid trees, almost as if you are a balloon that is anchored into something that allows you to be drawn to the earth and also allows you to move with the wind. 


So perhaps if you’re practicing five minutes a day in a Sacred Space, you could do your rooting in and breathe and open yourself as a conduit during that time. It will make a difference in your ability to listen and translate the information that you are receiving. 


Next week I’ll be back to talk about how to cultivate your mind and your heart to receive. 


This is the third video of the sacred listening series, if you missed the first episode, please click here.




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