The healing arts practitioners I work with are tapped into their intuitive flow when they’re doing their treatments and sessions. They’re guided to help and heal in very unique ways. Some are guided by an internal voice, some by a deep sense of feeling and others are in conversation with sacred forces like guides, elemental forces or ancestors. When healers are guided, they’re able to trust more in their own work and can rely on help outside of themselves and their egos, to assist them not only in their healing practice but in their daily lives.


When I first started on my spiritual path, I was quite young and soaking in all sorts of information. I didn’t yet know what it meant to have a spirit guide or an ally and only learned about them when I started training with my shamanic teachers. Through the process of working with the drum and learning how to shift my consciousness, one by one I was able to meet my own healing guides – some of them come as animal spirits and some as ancestors. They instruct me and support me in my work with others and in my own, deep personal healing work. Because I have developed such a strong connection with them, I am able to retrieve information that helps others. I communicate with my team of guidance on a regular basis and they communicate back. They give me access to information and support because they’re  messengers who have an other than human point of view. My connections didn’t start out like this, though. It started out slowly and with me not being exactly sure that I was having any real conversations at all! 


Over time, I learned to trust in my team of guides. I’ve learned how to show up and listen and how to ask the questions that give me really on-point information.  When we’re helping others, we need this. We need to step aside and out of our thinking minds, into a realm where pure information exists. We need to retrieve information and be guided on how to deliver it so that it truly helps people and the planet, without getting stuck.


For this reason, I’ll be including this teaching in my new program. I’ll be teaching you how to work with the drum to change your consciousness so that you can meet and greet your own sacred healing guides and learn how to nurture a relationship with them. You don’t need any special ability to do this. All humans have helpers available to us, we just need to make time to learn and listen. I’ll be holding the door to spirit open in the way it was held open for me, by my teachers,  starting in July. Once you find your sacred healing guides and learn how to communicate with them, you’ll move through life with a deep trust in your own healing gifts and you won’t have to feel alone on your path.


If you want more information on Accelerate, the Sacred Training for Healers, let’s talk about it. My calendar has space in it for you and I’d love to learn more about you! Find a spot here:


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