Sacred Journey

6-month healing immersion through rhythm, fire, power and trance.




You FEEL you’re meant for more. You’ve gotten that NUDGE from your soul that won’t allow you to stay where you are.




I’ve got you. You’re not alone. I’ll teach you exactly what to open the power inside you so you walk in this world activated, alive and with confidence.

S T E P   I N T O   Y O U R   P U R P O S E


Activate Your Light


When you gather with other healers, you gain access to a potent pool of energy, you move ahead faster than you ever will alone. You learn more about yourself in one weekend than you would in several months because you experience time in a different way. Energy moves, changes, and rearranges itself with ease, according to the collective healing flow of the circle.


Participants who’ve been through my group immersions will tell you how much faster and more expansive it is when working together in an intentional circle. Spontaneous healing, huge insights and heart openings are all a part of the experience,



Isn’t it time to say yes to the activation of your light? Is it time open to the power inside you so you can heal and transform yourself?


When you invest in yourself, you’ll gain the tools you need to expand your consciousness and serve your sacred purpose.

Brighid drumming




Ready to access the power that lives inside you? I mean really, truly find the core vibration that lives in your belly and unravel anything in the way of allowing it to flow? Want to learn how to sing the sacred song inside you? Maybe you’ve been doing a lot of your own self-development work and energy practices and you’re ready for the next level so you can embrace your true self and make a bigger impact on the planet? You’ve been gathering all the tools and techniques for a long time but you’re just not sure what you need to do to experience an expanded state of consciousness that you know is waiting for you. 


You’ve got some resistance and fear that creeps in, sometimes it paralyzes you from moving forward and stops you in your tracks?


When you work with me, you’ll naturally gain clarity and speed. (Students who’ve been through my group processes will tell you how much faster they fly when they’re in a solid collective container)


Isn’t it time to move past what holds you back?  Isn’t it time you say yes to receiving the support of a healing container so you can open for something new to occur? Is it time to open to the power inside you? You know that when you invest in yourself, you gain the tools and the momentum to do what you came here to do.


If you’re ready, dive in with me! You’ll reap the benefits of being guided by someone who is successfully using the power of sound, ceremony, trance and healing to guide themselves and others through healing. 


I’m a fire tender. I build, ignite and tend large, live, real-time transformational fires for my community. I know how to nurture live fire and because of that, I am an expert at tending the inner fire that fuels the power inside you. You, my soul friend, are the next generation of healers, leaders, and awakened beings here to make a difference. I’m ready to share my fire to ignite yours!


I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll show you your light. In a loving, compassionate and very real down-to-earth way, I’ll help you move past your blocks and show up for yourself by aligning with your soul. I’ll give you wholehearted support on your soul path and show you how to incorporate your connection with spirit in everything you do. Sacred Journey is a rare and incredibly unique program that will give you the experience you need to create change in your life.  The circle is forming. Are you ready?



in Sacred Journey, you’ll:


  • Establish a powerful connection with helpers from the wisdom realms

  • Discover the power of working with your edges and boundaries

  • Create a sacred relationship with your soul

  • Learn an effective drum journeywork protocol for communicating with your guides

  • Recognize where the power lives inside you so you can access it

  • Establish personal protocols for protecting and expanding your energy 

  • Bring forth the power of the sound inside you

  • Channel your sacred healing song

  • Accelerate your healing abilities for yourself and others

  • Interrupt old unhealthy patterns with new abundant ones

  • Step into a pure healing frequency

Each month, we’ll weave together elements of fire, ceremony, sacred sound, rhythm and trance. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect as the journey unfolds. 


Month 1 Align with the Healer Within, learn Drum Journeywork to create a relationship with your guides and spirit helpers. Discover a shamanic approach to creating your reality and learn to understand shamanic healing techniques. You’ll discover how to create personal altars, begin Sacred Listening and participate in circles of sound and song.


Month 2 Learn to create a sonic container for moving into altered states as you dive more deeply into the power of the sound and vibration that comes from within you. Drop into the medicine of your body and learn to practice Sacred Listening to heal yourself naturally.  We’ll incorporate trance circles and fire ceremony as well as authentic movement to integrate your heart and soul as you lean into the body you inhabit.  You’ll create your own handmade sacred rattles to use as healing tools for meditation and trance. 


Month 3  Experience a powerful process for neutralizing trauma and retrieving power from places and spaces in your life where it was taken, lost, forfeited or abandoned. You’ll bring it back from the past and prevent it from leaving from the future. Experience an ancestral healing process that helps you and your family lineages. Deepen your ability to move into altered states of consciousness to calm your nervous system and receive information from your healing guides. 


Month 4 Open fully to the vibration inside you, experiencing what it’s like to express the core sound that lives underneath your thoughts, feelings, emotions and life story. It’s the energy of your essence that exists at the very center of your being. You’ll release what’s in the way of that power, in a loving, supportive container that guides you through compassion, action and sound. 


Month 5 Cultivate a relationship with the healing power of silence, channel your healing song and participate in an all-night healing ceremony, working together with the drum, fire and the power of the circle. You’ll deepen your relationship with your spirit helpers through learning how to make offerings of reciprocity and gratitude. 


Month 6 Express the power of your sound, sing your healing song, and consult with your personal healing and helping spirits to determine how you will carry your sacred song, through your sacred sound, into your life. You’ll learn to purge and eliminate energetic debris and distraction in your own sphere as well as in your personal space. You’ll be tapped into your core sound, will clear anything in the way of it and be free to move forward in the world, aligned with the healer within.


(order and flow is subject to change, based on the needs of the circle)


Monthly connection and support calls on zoom, between each weekend session.

Multiple online journey circles to practice connecting with your guides.


*The program meets one weekend per month, from August 2023 through January 2024, held at a private location in western Massachusetts. Contact Brighid for a list of dates.




Brighid Murphy


  • Live in-person weekend training circles
  • Monthly Group Coaching & Support Calls
  • Training on how to create and tend sacred fires
  • A supportive group of like-minded next-generation healers and leaders
  • Tools to move past blocks, obstacles &  energy that’s stuck in your body
  • Brand new insights into yourself
  • Experience in moving in and out of altered states for healing
  • Access to your sacred voice 
  • Solid, practical, down to earth effective steps for working with energy in your everyday life
DEEPER transformation


This is for you if you:

  • Are comfortable in a setting with a diverse group of people

  • Are ready to use your voice for healing

  • Enjoy ceremonial spaces and containers

  • Are drawn to working with drums, rattles, sound and movement

  • Are ready to receive help with what holds you back

  • Are willing to take a risk so that you can be free to express your core self

  • Can dedicate 10 minutes a day + 1 hour a week to your own personal development

This is NOT for you if you: 

  • You want to stay in your comfort zone

  • You’re very new in a personal recovery process

  • You don’t want to accept feedback and suggestions

  • You’re uncomfortable sharing with others in a small group setting

  • The sound of toning, loud sounds and singing isn’t your jam

  • Make excuses or blame other people when your plans don’t work

This is a 6 month program. You’ll receive group connection and support calls between sessions as a part of the program Earlybird registration closes on July 7. Be sure to fill out an application and set up your exploratory conversation soon.


Click here to schedule a conversation and find out more. 


Brighid Murphy and her team invite healing arts practitioners, energy workers and spiritual seekers of all identities into this container. Our values include: Guardianship, Practicality, Inclusion, Service and the Sacred. The value of Inclusion requires all members to take personal responsibility for their interactions and behaviour. We recognize Racism, Transphobia, Homophobia and Oppression to be part of a systemic issue that affects all of us. We work to create a solid container where we minimize harm to one another. If you’re uncomfortable with the racial equity movement or folks who identify as gay, lesbian, transgender, non-binary or queer, you won’t feel aligned with this program. 

“Brighid’s Sacred Training for Healers helped me to step out of my fears and doubts, to fully embrace my purpose.  I lacked the confidence to see my potential. Through Brighid’s guidance, I was able to loosen the self-doubt that has been unshakable for so long. I now feel so connected spiritually and am aligned with my heart. I am sure of my capabilities and confident with my healing work. Everyone in my training gained profound insight into their own healing process.  I am deeply grateful for this experience and feel empowered to share my light with the world. “


Healing Practitioner, Glowing Energy

“I was searching for the next step. Feeling like I was stagnant in my practice and it was time to start taking the steps even though I did not know what it looked like.  After going through Brighid’s training, I’m able to step in trust, have a solid ongoing relationship with Spirit and myself! I am now confident in myself and what I bring to others. Brighid taught me how to work directly with Spirit, cutting out the need to rely on someone else.”

Elizabeth Figueroa

Ceremonial Priestess, Lily at Heart

“Training with Brighid has helped me step out of fear and doubt, to reach for my goals and dreams with an understanding I could succeed. When I started the training, I was unsure and anxious and I left with joy in my heart. As a result of this work, I am confident that I have the tools to help me work through my obstacles. Brighid’s style is unique because she is down to earth and real. She teaches in a way that anyone can understand. She gave me the tools to empower myself and my healing. I am blessed and grateful to have grown beyond what I could’ve thought possible thanks to the tools I’ve gained.” 

Laurie Mullen, Reiki Practitioner

Inspire Holistic Center


Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you want to step into your light, expand your consciousness and would like the help of your own sacred guides to make it happen. It’s for you if you want to ignite the fire inside of you and are ready to put your love, your heart and your commitment into YOU!


This program is NOT for you if you’re not ready or willing to invest in your own growth. It’s also not for you if your fear of the unknown is so strong that you are still talking yourself out of receiving help.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, the investment for Sacred Journey can be offered in six monthly payments.

Your 1st payment will be when you sign up, the subsequent payment will be each month for the remaining months of your plan.

Payment Options: Debit cards and all major credit cards are accepted.

What are your policies?

Sacred Journey is a non-refundable program. If you’re unable to be present for one of the live weekends, it’s your responsibility to find out how to prepare for the next meeting. Should you consider withdrawing from the program, there is a pro-rated withdrawal policy. 

What kind of results can I expect?

You can expect to gain clarity, to feel lighter, on purpose, and supported by spirit. You can expect to gain the birds eye view that spirit lends us when we do this work together. You’ll tap directly into the power inside you, liberating yourself from the inside out.  You’ll become a fire tender for your sacred purpose and access the frequency of your own soul.


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