I had a recent conversation on Follow the Woo podcast (I’ll share the episode when it drops!) and the host was asking me to talk about the first time I could remember spiritual experiences from my childhood. Their question took me way back to the beginning of my life and a practice I embodied through my childhood and early teens. It wasn’t anything I talked about or mentioned to anyone I knew and yet it was something that came so naturally and was such a fundamental part of my everyday life as a kid. Now, as an adult and through a spiritual practitioners lens, it all makes so much more sense.


What I use to do was lay on the floor and roll my head from side to side or back and forth. I would do this for long periods of time without talking or moving other parts of my body. I can’t remember what my toddler brain experienced but I do remember that as a young child, it tapped me into my imagination and as a teen, I would get all sorts of information coming through during these times. It was a mystery as to why I would do this but it didn’t harm anything so (fortunately!) no one stopped me or made me think I was odd for engaging in it. I asked my mom how old I was when this started and she said I was about 18 months old. To her (and I’m sure to anyone looking in our windows back them!) it was very odd. Not a typical thing to see your kid do (and my parents would be happy to tell you about how atypical I was!) Having grown up with an inherent inclination to this odd practice, I never questioned it.


As I grew and learned more about states of consciousness, nervous system regulation and trance states, a lightbulb went off for me. I realized this weird thing I use to do had a purpose! It wasn’t conscious at the time but my little being figured out that this back and forth rhythm would relax my nervous system and since i would do this for extended periods of time (sometimes hours), I would put myself in a trance state.  Years and years of doing this was setting me up for working with the rhythm of my own body to soothe myself as it was also preparing me to lean into altered states, which I happen to do when I do shamanic healing work. I was finding my own sacred rhythm as a little one.


I’m sharing this with you because it’s a unique experience that might help you to remember something you did in your early childhood. Perhaps there’s something that soothed your nervous system and moved you into an altered state? When we were kids (if you have kids now – pay close attention to this!), we instinctually knew to drop into our natural rhythms. When we tune in and remember this, it can help us to heal AND talk to spirit/god/creator to receive guidance. 


I’m going to guide you to open to your own sacred rhythm in the Accelerate program that starts soon. It’s a transformative group program that’s live online, includes personal shamanic healing sessions and an invitation to join me in person for a weekend intensive. Are you curious? Come join me for a chat about it. Check out my schedule and find a time that works for you. 


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