Sacred Voice Workshop


The Power of the Sound Inside You 

Sacred Voice with Brighid Murphy


The Power to Heal is Inside You

Brighid Murphy lighting a candle.

You have vibrational power

  to heal from within…


And you want to tap into its essence


You want to feel lighter, brighter, stronger


You want to feel connected to your guidance so you can be a clear conduit for healing


You’re truly ready to work more deeply with the sacred energy inside you so you evolve on your path in this world


When you engage the sacred sound within, you can be a clear channel



When you learn to open the portal to your voice


You find infinite possibilities for healing


So you can step into a deep sense of connection with your soul

Connecting with your soul does not have to be a struggle.

You were born to work in a sacred way and it’s time to open a clear pathway to the vibration within you!


Drum Candle Oil
Brighid Murphy with prayer hands

It’s time to move energy, you’re ready!

I’ll teach you the top 3 things you need to do to create a relationship with your healing guides, feel aligned with your soul and begin to channel the sacred sound within you


This LIVE ENERGY ACTIVATION will empower you to:


  • Discover key components of shamanic healing practices

  • Open sacred space to allow healing energy to move through you

  • Understand how sound affects the metabolic process in your cells

  • Expand your healing conduit and tap into the sacred sound within you

If you are ready now to make a change in your life…

To tune in to the vibration inside you and the web of information that will help you to expand your consciousness and help others..

This workshop will help you understand how to open yourself and tap into powerful and abundant new energetic space…  

So you can embody who you are and feel fully aligned with your soul and your purpose

To step up and step into the gifts you came here to share with love and grace in harmony with yourself and the world around you so you feel empowered, vibrantly alive, passionate about what you are doing, and aligned with your purest intention for your life and work.

It does not have to be a struggle, it does not have to be hard.

I’m excited to help share life-changing tools & techniques with you in this live activation.

You’ll receive details about how to prepare, once you register.  



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Hello, new friend. I am a transformational healing catalyst, shamanic practitioner, and certified equity coach. I help humans who are ready to live in their purpose, guiding them to make connections with the sacred, so they have the tools they need to align with their fire, reclaim their power to heal, and live in freedom and joy.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

With gratitude,

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