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Those next several years were intense. I hit bottom ground financially, stepped into what turned out to be a toxic and abusive relationship (a story for another time..) and spent a painstaking amount of time learning how to sustain myself doing what I loved. I took online courses and listened to online entrepreneurs like it was my job. I submerged myself in material that would help me grow. I had other friends who were healers, but none of them were in the same boat that I was at the time. I felt pretty alone in all of it. The light inside me, the fire that told me to keep going, it just wouldn’t quit. There were lots of unknowns and lots of surprises as I raised myself into an entrepreneur. That determined part of me, it just wouldn’t let me give in. I kept learning and growing, creating programs and intensives, expanding my 1:1 work and learning the value of my gifts and how to charge for them. 


Fast forward to now… I’ve got 8 years of business training under me and I wouldn’t even think of charging the small amounts of money I started out charging back then. I wouldn’t be able to survive if I did that. In order to help other people, I need to do more than survive. I need to be thriving. I’ve learned a way to create a variety of offerings that help people who are at different incomes and I feel good about the difference I am making. 


Right now, I’m at the next stage of moving my work and my business into the world. I’m taking more risks so I can reach more people because I believe in the work that I do. I know you, as a healer might be in the same position as I was. Wanting to take your work into the world but not knowing how. My advice to you is to say YES.. to every opportunity you can. Say yes to stepping out of your comfort zone, yes to taking risks and yes to learning new things and receiving support from people who are where you want to be! And whatever you do, remember this:

You’re never going to be ready. Do it anyway.


All my love,

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