Is it time to open to something more?  We are often constrained by our own limitations. We know this, right?


We hear, see and read that the only limits are ones we put on ourselves. People are always talking about getting out of our own way, and allowing something new to occur. Exactly how do we do this? When we attempt to figure something out, to fix a problem or find an answer, we often do it from our minds. We would hope that our hearts would be included but we tend to engage our minds the most. We can engage the mind in a way that is helpful, and put it to work to open possibilities in our body and and beyond.


When we find ourselves trying too hard to figure something out, we have put our minds into overdrive. And at the same time, we are creating a seal that closes us off from the natural resources around us. The earth, the sky, and all the possibilities larger than us can and do give us access to our answers. But somehow when we need it the most, we seem to close ourselves off to it.


When I find myself or my clients struggling to reach an answer, or experiencing a really strong emotion that wont subside, I see how tightly we are sealed. We are confined to our minds and our bodies and the energy inside and around us is steadily building and increasing and we become our own pressure cooker. We forget that we have access to the vastness of the sky and the richness of the earth. We forget that relief from our troubles can be a thought or a breath away. We forget it can be easy.


So what to do? Just remember. And let your body know it’s ok to remember. We can do this by taking a breath, and opening. You can do this now. Breath. And open up the space above your head.


Create an opening for the energy of potential to flow in.


Create an opening for all the pressure that is in your head to flow out or down (the direction doesn’t really matter because your innate wisdom will direct your energy to move in the best way for you at any given time), as the potential flows in. And then open the energy in your feet.


Create openings in the soles of your feet and allow the energy of the earth to flow up, and the energy of you to flow out. That’s it.


Create those openings and the pressure inside you begins to release. At the same time, you have access to a flow of information, answers, support and life force that you were previously sealed off from. You’ll notice that new ideas come in, that old and seemingly stuck frustrations loosen. Because you have created an opening to allow movement and you’re tapping into all that is available to you.


As I mentioned already, there is no need to worry about which direction to send your energy. Opening the space is all you need to do and your body will say thank you, and energy will begin to move easily and in a way that’s best for you. The beautiful thing about being alive is that our bodies came here to do just that, and they know how to do it without our micromanaging them. In fact, if we open to what’s above and below, we learn that there is less and less that we have to direct and more that flows effortlessly. So take a breath, create an opening above your head and open the soles of your feet. It’s easy. 


May you open to all that is possible for you today. ~Brighid


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