This week, I made my first cup of hot tea of the season. Seems like September came on the scene and with it, instant shifts into fall. I enjoy the changing of the seasons, although there’s always just a bit of sadness when the summer begins it’s transition into autumn.


The last several months have been full over here. I meet weekly with the healers in my Accelerate program and I’ve been deeply involved with a local ceremonial circle in my area, preparing to host an annual gathering that we open up to the larger community. 


We had the annual gathering last weekend and I’m happily preparing for what’s next with that group of folks. Since I was called to step in and be a part of the planetary changes many moons ago, I’ve learned alot about how important it is to be of service, especially when we ourselves are feeling lost or challenged.


Our world right now is evolving in wonderful (and sometimes terrifying!) ways. Old patterns and beliefs are being transformed and we humans are being asked to stand in our discomfort so we can find a way through it. Depression and anxiety were already becoming pretty prevalent in people. As we heal from the traumatic effects of covid, we’re seeing an increase in the need to address our collective mental health. Ignoring trauma is no longer an option. 


One of the most transformative practices we can say yes to right now, is the practice of being in service. It’s a concept that exists in many spiritual traditions. When we are in service we can merge with something greater than ourselves. It breaks something open inside of us and allows light to come in. They say the crack is the place the light comes in, right? I see that we are all being cracked open right now and we’ve got a choice. We can turn inward and keep to ourselves, trying to hold all the things and survive on our own. Or we can let the light in by stepping outside of ourselves and being in service to others. 


As we step into this fall season, the beginning of cooler weather and our journey inward, I have my own plan for how I will continue to engage in service – not only with my clients and students but my local community as well. 


I’m encouraging you to consider what ways you want to serve in your community. Those ways can be large or small. What matters most is the connection you make through helping others. It opens something in your heart and fills a space inside you. When you reach out to help others, you’re less likely to get caught in a web of fear and isolation.


When you have a moment, let me know what ways you think you might want to offer service to your community this season?


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