What is Shamanic Medicine?

Shamanic people recognize that everything in existence has a spirit, and that everything is interconnected. The practice of shamanism allows one to travel or journey into unseen realms that exist outside of everyday (waking) reality. In this place, spiritual helpers and allies exist, providing wisdom and guidance for healing. Shamanism is not a religion – it is a way of being which includes a practiced system of techniques that address the spiritual and energetic nature of illness and imbalance.

Shamans access an altered state of consciousness, typically with the aid of a drum or other percussive influence to engage their spirit helpers in addressing issues that place stress on the mind, body and soul.

Shamanic Medicine addresses spiritual imbalance as it contributes to emotional, physical, and mental disruption in a person’s life. Shamanic modalities are beneficial for restoring balance and treating trauma, illness, depression, grief, and many issues that cause a person to disengage from their power. Shamanic techniques restore lost power and improve the quality of life for all beings.


Shamanic Medicine ~ Free Workshop

During the event we will discuss the techniques of soul retrieval, extraction and other healing methods found in indigenous cultures worldwide. You will leave with a understanding of how shamanic healing works, and learn a simple practice that you can take home with you to become clear, confident and stand strong in your power.

Discover a practice that restores power, clears blocks and connects you to your invisible team of help. 
“Since the shamanic session several weeks ago and through our work together, I feel a fundamental change going on internally. I do not feel the heavy, burdensome “dead like” feeling around my heart and head; i feel a lightness and a release from the endless burdens, worry, fear and anxiety. I feel centered and grounded, and i am calmer, less anxious and find myself sleeping better, feeling energetic and healthy.”

~ Ellen, Nurse, NY


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