I’m offering an advanced Shamanic Training Immersion this year. It’s for you if you have learned shamanic journeywork and want to take your practice and understanding of ceremony to the next level. It’s a deep dive into learning how to be a clear conduit for spirit to come through. Here’s a glimpse of it:

  • Learn to effectively journey with your spirit helpers to serve other people and the planet so that you know exactly what to do when you want to help someone or when there’s a local or global crisis.
  • Understand the faery realm and how to safely interact with the beings there
  • Discover how to build and work with fire so that you align with it’s power to burn away illusions and keep you tapped into the truth
  • Gain an understanding of what part of you is hidden in shadow and engage it instead of allowing it to run your show.
  • Move through your self doubt, imposter syndrome and fear into confidence so that you can fully be of service for people and the planet.
  • Open to the healing power of the sound inside you to free your core and embody your healing ability.

This is going to be a power packed, transformative immersion. We’ve only got a couple spaces open. I’m calling in the last folks to complete this circle.
If this is you and you’re ready to say yes to aligning with spirit so you can embody your soul, reply now and I’ll let you know how to set up a time to talk.

Don’t wait on this, though. If you’re ready, you’ll know. Even if your fear wants to send you running. We meet May – October in western Massachusetts.

If you’ve made it this far, here’s the link with a full description: https://www.brighidmurphy.com/deeper-within/
With love,
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