Brighid MurphyWhat is Shamanic Medicine or Shamanic Healing Work?

Shamanic people recognize that everything in existence has a spirit, and that everything is interconnected. The practice of shamanism allows one to travel or journey into unseen realms that exist outside of everyday (waking) reality. In this place, spiritual helpers and allies exist, providing wisdom and guidance for healing. Shamanism is not a religion – it is a way of being which includes a practiced system of techniques that address the spiritual and energetic nature of illness and imbalance.


Shamans access an altered state of consciousness, typically with the aid of a drum or other percussive influence to engage their spirit helpers in addressing issues that place stress on the mind, body and soul.


Shamanic Medicine addresses spiritual imbalance as it contributes to emotional, physical, and mental disruption in a person’s life. Shamanic modalities are beneficial for restoring balance and treating trauma, illness, depression, grief, and many issues that cause a person to disengage from their power. Shamanic techniques restore lost power and improve the quality of life for all beings.


As an Intuitive, I access my gifts to call forth the medicine that is within each and every one of us. Our energy, our knowing and our power is our medicine. The medicine inside you directs your healing and guides you. I illuminate your ability to activate what is already inside of you.


Aligning with what we want and need can be easy. Our choices, our hearts, and our willingness to participate in adjusting our personal reality are all factors in accessing our own medicine as we call ourselves into well-being.


When we are in the middle of a process, we need different types of support at different times. Healing isn’t about fixing what is broken, it’s about stepping into our wholeness and allowing the light to shine. When our light is bright, what is “broken” holds no power over us. I help people move into healing and alignment.

How can you help me?

I look inside of you and I find your light. The light is your power and your medicine. I can see what you do right, what you are good at and what strengths you have, even when you cannot. I remind you of your power, and I teach you to remember it on your own. I have a gift for knowing. I guide the removal of what you no longer need, and help you reach for what you do. I am an experienced Intuitive, Counselor, Shamanic Healer and Jikiden Reiki Practitioner & Teacher. I am able to offer my skills and help you to build yours.


How is this done?

I connect with all of your potential, and I show it to you. I have an incredible connection with my guidance system (You do to, actually. This is something I can show you if you would like.) and it shows me how to help you remember your brilliance.


What exactly happens?

Together we talk about what you want and need. And then we begin to explore all the factors that are a part of your wellness.


What can I expect?

You can expect to feel better, stronger and more alive. You can look forward to alleviation of your pain, clearing of old patterns, and the beginning a new way of walking in the world. You can also expect to strengthen your own healing abilities, learn new skills and techniques for wellness, and also to notice a bit of your reality beginning to expand.


So what is it that you actually “do”?

Great question! The first thing I do is honor and invite all of the invisible help that is available. And then I step aside and listen. I listen to what your whole being is saying. I listen to your past, your present and your future (yes, that part is waiting patiently to be heard!). My intuitive abilities merge with my guidance system and I receive information then I follow through on it. Sometimes there are old traumas that are ready to be integrated or translated in a different way, sometimes folks need to add something new into their routines. I help to shift old patterns and beliefs, and also work within your ancestral lineage when their is indication that it’s needed. Clients are always being connected to their own source of healing.


Then what?

You step into your wellness and experience a renewed sense of energy throughout your being.


I work with people who have decided that they want to participate in their own healing process. I don’t “do” the healing for you, I assist you in your own process. No matter how much we know, practice and learn, we all benefit from the help and guidance of someone who specializes in healing. I have done just that, and am honored to share my gifts with you.


Some of the energies that I can help you in shifting are:

– depression
– dis-ease
– pain
– fear
– fragmented energy
– low self esteem
– chronic illness
– thoughts & feelings that hold you back
– feeling stuck
– ancestral influences that no longer serve you
– the nagging sense that something is out of place


You decide how you want to direct your growth.  I invite you to a Soul Path Breakthrough session to talk with you about what’s possible, and find out how I can best serve you. I work in person over the phone and online with folks from all over the country. Would you like to find your medicine? Click the Book Now link below and let’s get started!


** Shamanic Healing Work involves visiting the spirit world to receive help from the spirits and messengers that exist there. I am fully trained in this practice and will explain techniques, such as soul retrieval, extraction, psychopomp (soul guiding), etc. that I will utilize in our work together . **

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“Since the shamanic session several weeks ago and through our work together, I feel a fundamental change going on internally. I do not feel the heavy, burdensome “dead like” feeling around my heart and head; i feel a lightness and a release from the endless burdens, worry, fear and anxiety. I feel centered and grounded, and i am calmer, less anxious and find myself sleeping better, feeling energetic and healthy.”

~ Ellen, Nurse, NY


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