Join us for the Webinar
The Healing Power of Shamanism with Brighid Murphy

Tuesday, February 27 at 7pm (EST)


Are you curious about shamanic practice and what you might learn from it? Have you been hearing the word “shamanism” online these days and wondering what exactly does that mean and what are people actually doing? Is this some sort of a religion?  Can this shamanic thing help me? If you find yourself thinking this, you are not alone!

Here is what you’ll learn when you join us:

* Where shamanic practice comes from, how it’s relevant in your life and what’s most important for you to know about it.

* How shamanic healing helps you and the community.
* Can you learn to do this? How do you become a shaman?

* A simple practice that you can do at home to become clear, confident and connected to your power.

This free, live online event will be about an hour, including time for for Q & A.

“Shamanic” has become quite a buzzword these days.
During this webinar, I will be sharing with you what it is and what it’s not.

I am a trained shamanic practitioner and teacher. I work with artists, healers and creative people, teaching them how to make their own connections with the spirit world, so that they can have tools they need to get connected to their own soul, and ultimately be of service to humanity. I look forward to sharing this with you.

With gratitude,

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