I’m sharing today about shining your light. I often hear particularly in new age circles, healing circles, and some of the personal development circles, people saying “Shine your light, shine your light, shine your light”. And I’ve been thinking about that, what does it mean to shine your light?


What does that mean? What does that look like? Because people don’t always explain what that means.


We hear it a lot in different healing circles and in different positive thinking groups. Sometimes, people sort of feel like shining your light is all about being positive all the time, not talking about any negative feelings, not saying anything negative, and keeping your vibration high. And I wanna tell you that shining your light is actually not about positivity.


Yes, positivity can be included in the shining of your light. And we are also living in a world where there’s a lot of toxic positivity (and toxic positivity is when people are completely ignoring their feelings and they’re happy all the time because they feel like being happy all the time is going to bring them whatever they want) and it really is just a way of bypassing what’s going on underneath.


So shining your light is actually not about being positive all the time. Shining your light is about connecting to the source. And there’s different ways to connect to the source, whatever you consider that to be. I don’t judge that. There’s many ways to connect to the source and many ways to label what the source is. Connecting to the source is one of the ways that we shine our light.


Another way that we shine our light is in our confidence, we shine our light when we’re confident and that sometimes can take a a while – to cultivate that confidence.


Additionally, sharing our light means, sharing our gifts, sharing what we’re good at with the world and sometimes that requires some excavation and some moving aside of the old things that we’re carrying around or the untruths we’ve been told about who we are and what we’re capable of sharing. Our gifts –  that is shining our light.


I think one of the most important ways that I see people shine their light is when they are sourced from their soul beings. When you are sourced from your soul, you’re sourced from a place that goes beyond your physical body, beyond your emotional body, beyond your mental body. You’re connected to a place that holds so much more information than your little human brain can hold. So when you’re sourced from your soul, when your actions and your ideas and your creativity is sourced from your soul, you’re able to shine that light that you came with.


I think one of the inspirations for me talking about shining our lights is that sourcing from our soul requires number one, that we’re aware that our soul has a power and an energy to it. And two that we begin communicating with our soul and that we begin asking ourselves:


  • Is this aligned with my soul?
  • Is it not aligned with my soul?


Communicate with your soul so that you can start to have a a conscious relationship with your soul. And the good news about having a conscious relationship with your soul is that it doesn’t matter what belief system you hold, soul actually doesn’t need to be religious. Soul is part of you. You are part of soul, regardless of what religion or spiritual practices you embody in this lifetime. You can connect with your soul and it can help you to shine your light and share your gifts.


So my question for you, my invitation to you is:


  • Where are you with your own soul?
  • Where are you with your relationship to your own soul?
  • Where is your soul?
  • How does it express itself?
  • Do you communicate with your soul?
  • How is your soul connected with your ancestors?
  • Can you communicate with your ancestors through your soul?
  • Do you do you?
  • Can you communicate with the natural world through your soul?


This is an invitation for you to tune in and communicate with your soul so that you can start to be sourced from your soul. And the beautiful thing about soul is that it does not exist because of your brain or your body or your heart, it exists and your brain and your body and your heart are all connected to it.


So sometimes we get caught up in our thinking, we get caught up in our feelings, when we go straight to soul and call that in and bring that in and allow ourselves to get familiar with it and then move forward in the world from that source, from soul. We can truly shine our light and go forward in a way that serves ourselves and the planet. So that’s what I wanted to share.


All of my work is about connecting with my own soul and sharing it. All of your work can be connected to your soul and sharing it. And when you come from that place, you have a little bit of a broader compass to guide you. So I teach and share all sorts of stuff that helps you connect with your soul. Check out my upcoming events list to see what’s next.


And regardless of what you choose to do, communicate. Begin communicating with your soul and it can simply start with a statement.


I want to connect with my soul. I want to know what it’s like to connect with my soul.


Starts like that. That’s all you need to do. If you’re not sure how to connect with your soul simply state I wanna know how to connect with my soul. I wanna know how to shine my light and be sourced from my soul. That’s all you need to do. So take that and play with it.


Have a beautiful, beautiful day.


Bye for now.

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