I hear this one ALOT. People can tend to have all sorts of ideas, judgements and beliefs about who heals, why they heal or don’t heal, how they could heal faster, etc., etc. I’m sure you’ve heard some of this. As someone who holds healing as their life’s work, this is something I’ve sat with on quite a few occasions.


I think there was a point in time where I might have entertained the idea that some people don’t want to heal. People who would’ve fallen into this category for me might have been those who: wouldn’t ever seem to allow any help in, refused to try new things, complained all the time about their ailments but never seemed to take any action. As I’ve grown and expanded, I’ve had the opportunity to witness healing in a new way.


First thing I’ve noticed is that all people have a different relationship to their own healing. Shamanic practice teaches me to experience the world in relationships. I have a relationship with the spirit world, the natural world, with everyday reality with my own body. So based on this, I’ve learned that folks have a relationship to their own healing and that includes their body and mind. Some are in a harmonious relationship with their body/mind and some, completely toxic and unhealthy. Having this as a base has been helpful.


It can be a challenge to heal when we’re in a toxic relationship with ourselves. It’s not necessarily a persons fault if this is the case. Some kids grow up learning how to be nice to themselves but the majority of kids don’t. This leads to not being so nice to ourselves as adults which lays way to what we have available for helping ourselves. We also aren’t all set up with the same resources that can make healing easily accessible.


So when we’re looking at people who “refuse” to heal, we’ve got to take a lot into consideration. At this point in my journey, I honestly and wholeheartedly believe everyone has a desire to do better for themselves. I just don’t feel that everyone has the same starting point or the same soul calling as everyone else. It doesn’t mean they don’t “want” to heal, it means that their souls path of healing might look different than what our judgmental minds seem to think. So I leave you with this to ponder.. What if everyone IS healing, even if it doesn’t appear they are?


With so much love,

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