Spirit Rattles 


sacred tool-making intensive 

with Brighid Murphy 


The power to heal is in your hands!

If you like to move energy, are invested in your own healing and the evolution of the planet, you’ve landed in the right spot.

This live weekend intensive will lead you through the process of making your own, spiritually guided, handcrafted tools. In a circle of sacred space, you’ll consult with your wisdom beings and be guided to create personal rattles that are perfectly tailored to you. This is a powerful and unique process that will assist you to more easily connect with spirit. No two spirit rattles are alike! You’ll create these, molded to the shape of your hands. They become extensions of you and are used for moving energy, healing, traveling to the spirit realms and opening sacred space.


Brighid met her teachers 25 years ago and began studying shamanic healing. From her teachers she learned to open ceremonial space, to communicate with her own helping spirits and to be in a relationship with the natural world and elemental forces. She was guided through Bekki Shining Bearheart in making a variety of healing tools, among those were the rattles. From there, she developed her own sacred practice, working with rattles and now instructs her students to make and use their own. You’ll be making these tools from deer skin and you’ll learn to stitch and craft them with her guidance. The sacred forces will speak to you through this intensive and you’ll gain your own spiritual insight as you move through this experience. You’ll leave this weekend with more than you knew you came for, fully nourished by community. This always happens when we dedicate a weekend for making healing tools. You learn, heal, expand and reshape in this sacred container.


To anchor and protect your personal and psychic energy (and why it’s important!)

Journeywork protocols for traveling to the spirit world

The healing benefits of bringing rattles into your spiritual practice

How and why these these tools shift your consciousness

To easily move into meditative states through rhythm and movement

How to use rattles in your healing practice


September 15-17, 2023

4:30pm Friday- 4:30pm Sunday 

Your investment is $497.

(Materials are included)

Register by September 1st and pay only $397. Use code: RATTLES .

This intensive is live and in person in a private location in western Massachusetts. Inquire about accomodations.

We’ll open ceremonial space to honor and welcome communication with your healing spirits, within a community of like-minded souls.

You’ll leave with one of kind, unique healing tools that will last a lifetime.

Experience with journeywork is helpful but not required.

After you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details, directions and what to bring

**There are no registration refunds for cancellations made after September 1.**

Brighid Murphy (she/her/hers) is a healing catalyst, shamanic practitioner and community leader. She’s the creator of the Sacred Listening Method, Path to Power Programs, The Healers Collective, in-depth shamanic immersions and 1:1 transformational healing experiences.


Brighid’s been walking a path with her own sacred helpers, as well as physical teachers for 20+ years & invites spiritual seekers and healers of all identities into her workshops. Her values include: Guardianship, Practicality, Inclusion, Service and the Sacred. The value of Inclusion invites participants to take personal responsibility for their interactions and behaviour. Brighid recognizes Racism, Transphobia, Homophobia and Oppression to be part of a systemic issue that affects all of us and she strives to create a solid container where we minimize harm to one another. If you’re uncomfortable with the racial equity movement or folks who identify as GLBTQA+, this event is not a match for you. 


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