If we’ve ever worked together or you’ve spend any time around me, you know the spiritual practices I share are ones that are woven through my everyday life. Today, I thought I’d share something that you might want to practice, too. 


As a shamanic healer, I hear very interesting stories and receive quite a few unconventional requests. It’s common for folks to reach out when there’s a disturbance in their home or personal space. A common new age response to this is to clear and bless the house with a smoke medicine like sage. I want to share why in some cases that practice only scratches the surface, then offer something I do that’ll also help you should you ever find yourself in a situation where this is happening to you. 


There are many reasons why there could be a disturbance in your household frequency. Could be: intense emotions in the house, it’s possible the house holds an old memory of past inhabitants,  residual trauma energy exists, an over use of substances is opening portal to unhelpful energies. The list of what causes household disruption could go on for a while. Whenever there is anything of this nature happening, you need more than an bowl full of sage to address the issue. 


In cases like this, you can put a band aid on the problem or you can go to the root and address it from there. To clear a house, from a shamanic point of view requires you take a look at the bigger picture and take a look at what’s happening on a spiritual level. Through that lens, you want to first connect with the foundational energies that the house sits on. Those energies reside in and with the spirits of the land. They’re the oldest and most influential energies to communicate with. Speaking with them can save you a lot of time and effort and can help you get right to the point. 


So here’s what I do anytime I move, visit a new place or go to someone’s house to help remedy a disturbance, I say hello to the spirits of the land. I introduce myself and let them know I am listening to them and I am grateful for their communication with me. From here, a dialogue opens and I can receive their assistance around matters of energy and frequency. You can do this, too. You can do it right now if you’d like. Take a breath and sit quietly (or go outside on the earth) and say hello to the spirits of the land and introduce yourself. Take a moment to listen and perceive. When you do this, you start to have access to the deep insight the land has to offer and from there anything you need to know about what is happening in your house, will be revealed more quickly. 


If you’re ready for a deeper understanding of how to tune in and work with energies around you, I’d love to talk to you about Accelerate, the Sacred Training for Healers. It’s starting in July and I’m going to be teaching a lot of I know and practice in my everyday life.


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