Winter Solstice Blessings to you. After the winter solstice, our daily sunlight increases and the light is slowly returning. Knowing this helps me to faithfully make my way to the warmer days of spring!! Is it bitter cold where you are? Right now, at the time I write this here in Massachusetts, we are looking at temperatures that are in the teens! Good time to stay in with a fire, crank up the heat and keep yourself busy. This is a lot of what the winter is suppose to be, so I hope you are taking advantage of this time.

Last time I visited your inbox, I talked about the importance of centering ourselves. If you missed that one, you can find it here.

Today I want to share something about strengthening your energy. For me, this is really connected to grounding and centering. First, I want to invite you into a new paradigm around what it means to be strong. An old perception of making yourself strong includes building barriers around you, to keep out the “bad” or the “negative”. The problem with this is that when you spend time trying to “keep out” what you don’t want, you send a signal out that can attract more of what you don’t want. You know the old saying, “what you resist will persist”, right? Well this is exactly what I am talking about. If you create a strong barrier against something, you’re actually creating opposition. When what you really want is to be neutral and fluid. You want the negative type stuff to move through you, vs. stick to you. Here’s a new paradigm to try out.

Think about strengthening yourself from the inside out,
and start to think of yourself as a filter.

When you do this, you allow what doesn’t need to come in, to move past you. You will spend more time in your center and less time pushing back against what you don’t want.

How does this look? First of all, it’s easy (click on the image below to link to my video) And it’s something you can add to what you already do, or make a new habit and see this everyday as you wake up, or are in the shower, or before bed. Ground yourself in whatever way you do, center yourself, and start to shine your light from the inside out.

In these times we are in, we have to bring ourselves back to balance quickly. We need to stay in our power and find our way back to neutral as easily as we can.

Give this a whirl and let me know what you think!

Warmth & Sunshine,


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