About 10 years ago, I was working in a residential healing facility for traumatized kids and teens. I’m a lifelong helper and as a result of my own childhood and adolescence, I have a natural inclination toward liberating young people from trauma. I love working with youth although I realized that I wasn’t able to bring all of who I was, all of my holistic and spiritual healing skills, into that setting. After about six years at this agency, I was intuitively guided to leave in pursuit of my own healing practice. It wasn’t easy to leave a known paycheck and health benefits, but I knew that if I were to truly help people as deeply as I was able, I would be able to support myself on my own. When I left that job, I had credit card debt and very little savings and some would say it was unwise of me to take such a leap. All I could hear was the voice of a friend from years ago, telling me that if you wait til you’re “ready”, it’ll never happen. Because we’re never actually ready for any of the big risks we need to take to grow. 


I had already manifested myself the perfect studio space and started a healing practice where I offered shamanic healing sessions, Reiki sessions and what I would later realize to be spiritual life coaching. After I left that full-time job, I could finally have time to make my soul work a full-time thing. (I am almost embarrassed to tell you how little I was charging for those first sessions. At the time, I had no idea how to value my work and no real sense for how much I would need to charge in order to feed myself, so my fees were minimal.) As a single person with no big savings account, no partner to support me, and no inheritance or investments to ride on til I figured this all out, I began to struggle. I wasn’t able to keep myself afloat and I was going down a rabbit hole of debt. I had thought everything would “fall into place” and the “universe would support me”, if I were following my calling. It took a minute for my stubborn and determined brain to realize – it didn’t matter how gifted I was, I didn’t live in a village somewhere in olden times where a community would support me. I was going to have to come up with a plan or go back to working for someone else. 


This is part one of my journey that I sharing with you. Continue to part two here to learn what happened next.

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And if you currently have a mindset like I did, that the universe would support me, I invite you to watch my free training on Mindset and Money here: https://youtu.be/kPHNTQQO2so


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