How are you holding up over there? The last few weeks have been intense for many. We have been through a very emotional election, and we are heading into the holiday season with perhaps a bit of uncertainty, yes? We have a few choices here. One of the best ones we can make, is to get centered so that we act from a place inside of us that is certain.

One of the important things I teach my clients and students is to prioritize coming back to their center. How are you at that? Know how to do it?  Can you explain what it feels like to be centered? Good! I hope you have a strong sense of it. If you don’t, no worries. Now is the time to figure out what that means, and to go about getting yourself there.

First, find the space inside of you, where your attention goes, when you read “find your center”. From there, take a few breaths into that spot, and put your hand right there so you solidify the feeling. This is the beginning of getting good with your center. I share a lot about this regularly.  It’s part of my everyday practice (I never teach anything I don’t do myself)  and it’s something that I include when I share about grounding and shielding ourselves. If you want to hear more about shielding, stay tuned for the next newsletter. Actually, if you want a quick practice for grounding & centering, follow this link.

t’s easiest to make your way back to center when you:

1. Know where it is.
2. Practice being there.
3. Create a space in your home that makes it easy to get there.

This last piece is what I want to stress the importance of. Where is a place in your home, where you can go to sit, and find your center? If you don’t have one, make one. All you need is a little nook in a corner, a pillow or chair to sit on, and something sacred and meaningful in that space. I am not talking about something you construct each time you need it, I am talking about a small space that you set up and leave up. Something that becomes your “go to” spot. One you can visit easily and every day, should you choose. Here’s a peek into my personal space so you have an idea of what I mean.

When you do this, you will find less excuse and more reason. A reason to sit, spend time breathing, praying, clearing, and essentially getting in touch with the core of you. That’s exactly and precisely one of the best gifts you can give yourself right now. Make sense? Now that you have seen my space, you’re invited to set up your own and send me a pic! I love to see what ya’ll are up to.

Many blessings for finding your center. Even now and especially in these times.

Sending love,



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