As the old fabric of reality is falling away, things that’ve been hidden (or half hidden!) in the dark, are coming to the light on all the levels – personal, political and global. No new news, right? We’re watching old structures cave in and crumble – inherent racism is coming to the surface, transphobia and homophobia is being called out and we’re holding the patriarchal structures accountable for all the things. It’s good. It’s necessary. And it’s got to happen if we’re going to move forward in a good way as a species. 


Now here’s the good news…. 


We’ve got spiritual and energetic opportunities coming to light at the same exact time. As the old ways fall away, so do old beliefs and old ways of being. As the truth comes to light, so does our ability to connect with our wisdom, our knowing and our soul. Some would even say it’s easier to talk to the sacred forces or even god. Your ability to meditate or move into altered states where you can easily find your wisdom and feel your soul is actually expanding. You can reach these states faster and with less effort than before. I’m so on board for this and am thrilled that the old, limiting ways are being lifted. So I’ve decided to offer a new experience for you.


I’ve been thinking alot about ways that we, as humans, can be and feel more connected to our souls. I’m deeply guided by my own soul and it speaks to me.. It nudges me and it feeds my intuition in ways that I wouldn’t want to live without. It helps me with my healing work and reminds me of the bigger picture when I forget. Especially in these times where it can be challenging to navigate and negotiate all the energy around us – I’m grateful to be able to rely on this soul of mine. 


I want that for you, too. Because I know that when you’re connected to your soul, it’s easier to make decisions and  tune into your heart so you can make it through this powerful time. So I’ve got something that’ll help you get there..


It’s a 21 Day Sacred Soul Challenge where I’ll guide you in a unique, soul-expansive experience that will open you to your own inner universe and the sacred forces around you. . When you join me, you’ll see just how easy it is to communicate with your inner guidance and nourishing wisdom of your soul. We meet for 21 consecutive days, starting January 19 and it’s only $37 to join. (Recordings are available for the duration of the challenge!)


Get your soul enrolled right here: 21 Day Sacred Meditation Challenge



Really looking forward to sharing this with you!

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