Healing and power. That’s what I wanna talk about today. Regaining power so that you have it available for you to heal.


A lot of times we are not in our power, especially if we’ve been experiencing pain, illness, disease, loss, grief, some type of trauma, we are not in our power. And we’re also not taught how to be in our power around healing and or so that we can heal.


The mainstream model for healing does not include creating space for something new to occur. It includes diagnosis, prognosis, treatment methods. And it doesn’t really go outside that box. It’s up to us as humans. If we want to tap into all of the possibilities for healing to go outside the box and transform our relationship with the thing that’s causing us pain. And that’s part of the way that I define healing; is changing a relationship or transforming a relationship with the thing that causes us pain.


A lot of times when we are in pain, we’re not in our power. Pain naturally drains us. That’s just what pain does, it drains us. And when we are drained, we’re not in our power. And there are ways that we can experience and walk with pain or walk through something that hurts us and be in our power. I wanna talk about one of the ways we can do that today. So generally, the pain that we may experience in our bodies emotionally or spiritually is something that we see that exists. And there’s not much we can do about it.


I experience pain as a indicator that something can change. I experience pain as an indicator that something needs to change. And I experience pain as an invitation to communicate in a new way.


Now, most people, when they have pain, they wanna get rid of it, they want it to stop. The last thing they wanna do is have a conversation with the pain or communicate with the pain. And I invite you to take a look at communicating with the pain to think about being in communication with the thing that’s hurting you. And usually the way that we’re in communication with the thing that’s hurting us is that we’re mad at it.


We’re like, this damn pain. Oh, this damn foot. Oh my neck is killing me. You’ve heard this, you’ve probably said these things, right?


All of these communications are not helpful. They’re sending energy to you and to your body that say I don’t like you. Nothing’s gonna change about you. And I’m gonna let you know that I feel this way. And if you think about it, this communication, it is super not helpful. And when you communicate with humans or when you communicate with animals, the way you speak to them matters when you communicate in a nasty way, the being that you’re communicating with is gonna respond unfavorably.


When you communicate in a gentle way, when you communicate with curiosity and inquiry, the being that you are communicating with is gonna respond in a more open way and you’re gonna get the information that you need. You’re gonna have a more pleasant experience. And so is the being that you’re communicating with? It’s a fact, right?


If you talk mean to a person, they’re gonna give you something back that is not so pleasant or they’re gonna pull away from you. Same thing with your body, same thing with your pain. If you communicate with it in a way that’s like my damn foot. Oh I can’t stand this headache. How do you feel like your body is gonna respond? Probably not so favorably.

What would happen if you changed that communication? If you change that communication and said, Hey, Bod, I’m sorry that you’re suffering. Hey, buddy, this feels shitty and I’m sorry this is happening. Hey body, I really appreciate how hard you’re working to keep me going. So even though there’s some struggles here, I still appreciate you.


Those are some simple ways that you can communicate with your body that will create a different relationship with what’s going on. Your body is gonna start to respond more favorably. And there’s going to be a softening that occurs in your body. When you communicate in this way, when there’s a softening that occurs in your body or in whatever area is causing you pain, you have created the space for something new to occur. And in that space, pain and suffering can be alleviated in that space, new information, new ideas can come in in that space energy begins to flow in a new way.


So my invitation to you is to begin communicating with your body, communicating with pain in a new way. It’s gonna open a door for something new to occur. And what have you got to lose if you’re experiencing pain? And you don’t feel like there’s much you can do about it. You’ve got nothing to lose between talking nasty to it. Complaining to your body being mean to your body being resentful to your body and speaking kindly to it.


Give it a whirl start today. Say to your body:


  • Hey, even though this is struggling, thank you.
  • Hey, thanks for working so hard to keep me moving.
  • Hey, sorry, this sucks.


Begin that dialogue and you watch and see what happens when you create the space for something new to occur by communicating was a thing that is causing you pain.

You begin to regain power and you’ll be in a much better position for healing.


See you soon.

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