A continuation of Truths about Reiki that was recently posted, with a focus on training with a teacher.

“When you train with a seasoned teacher, you learn much more than a book will tell.”

I remember my first Reiki class. It was many years ago and I knew that I was in the right place for learning.

My teacher was grounded, centered and carried a wealth of information. She also held a knowing, which was something that I didn’t quite understand yet, but was a characteristic that called to me. I wasn’t conscious of this in the way I am now, but I was truly blessed to find her as a teacher (Rev. Hannelore Goodwin, I am forever grateful to you). As years moved along, and my practice deepened, I began to reflect on the importance of a teacher.  I gained more experience with other teachers in a variety of modalities, realizing along the way that I was learning from more than just the words my teachers spoke. I was learning from their hearts, and from their experience. Those two things combined were translating information that would transform into knowledge and it would one day expand into a beautiful wisdom that continues to encompass my being.

What I know to be true of teaching is that when a person is called to teach, they are called from somewhere deep inside. And they become a conduit for information to come through to others. They also guide their students to build a personal relationship with what they are offering as a teaching (in this case, Reiki practice). Not only is that information streaming through from their teachers or ancestors, it is allowing students direct access to the stream from which it comes. Direct access to the source from where the teaching comes is what you receive when you spend time with any teacher.

The first time I truly realized what this meant, I was sitting in a class and the teacher had paused for a meditation or something quiet. At that moment, there were no words being spoken but I felt something. I felt as if something was coming from the teacher but I couldn’t tell what it was. And then it made sense. I began to have an awareness that what I was feeling wasn’t being spoken because it didn’t have to be. It was resonating from her entire being. And that is when I began to understand that a teacher shares there be-ingness with their students. They share the energy of who they are, as a result of (whatever specific practice or modality they are sharing) what they have experienced through their learning. And there is something within that sharing that opens a student to all the teacher knows.

When we train with a teacher, it gives us direct access to information that they have learned. In addition, our direct access to them creates an opening for us, and includes that we are temporarily brought to the level of consciousness that they reside in. This is why there is something so special, so remarkable about sitting with a teacher. We feel something that we don’t quite feel at home, or that perhaps appears to be lacking when we practice by ourselves. And this experience is true. We receive a transmission from a teacher – not a transmission of a particular “thing” but more of the heightened ability to tap into the thing for ourselves. And what we do with that is completely up to us as students. These teachings, this resonance and this transference of knowledge and information happen as a result of what a teacher holds in their heart.

We have a unique opportunity to learn in this way, when we are in the direct presence of a teacher.

© Brighid Murphy 2014


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