Journey Into Spirit Online Intensive

A 6 month immersion into the heart of Shamanic Journeying.

Are you interested in understanding healing from an indigenous perspective?

Would you like to access the medicine that is inside of you?

Do you wish to gather tools and techniques to create a reality that encourages you to thrive? Are you ready to meet and connect with the unseen realms through the practice of shamanic journeying?

Awaken Spiritual Group Coaching Circle

An 8-week live online circle with a community dedicated to their spiritual journey.

Are you interested in deepening your connection with your soul? Would you like to learn techniques and tools that support meditation, energy clearing, and healing? Do you wish to gather with others on the same or a similar path in community? Are you ready for a shift in energy?

“Brighid is a natural facilitator and teacher, who gracefully and generously shares herself and her knowledge based on her direct experience. Brighid’s gentle spirit and open, accepting nature invited all of the participants to enter into a relationship with one another and with the teachings.”

~ Elise Brenner, Ph.D, Reiki Practitioner and Teacher


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