I feel like so much has transpired since my last message to you. And it has. Today, we sit, on the eve of Thanksgiving in the United States and it’s with great hesitation that I admit I cannot honestly and from my heart, wish you (or anyone) a “Happy Thanksgiving” without truly recognizing that this “holiday” does not honor all of the people for which it’s named. Without going into the why’s, who’s and how’s, I offer you this:


We Can Do It Differently.


It’s time to do it differently, don’t you think? As the current pulse of the planet is inviting us to do and be something different, to show up fully, and to come together in solid ways, we have the opportunity, on Thanksgiving, to do just this.


What does that mean? It means we decide to do a better job of honoring the truth of this holiday. It does not mean that we stop celebrating it. It means that we begin to do so with truth in our hearts, and by recognizing the truth of the people whose shoulders this holiday is built upon.


What does it look like? For me, it looks like ceremony. On this day, I spend quiet time, in the woods or at my home altar. I open up the space and honor my personal guidance, and Spirit. I light a candle for the restoration of balance, send a blessing from my heart, to the hearts of all the First Nations people who were hurt, lied to and disregarded by the Europeans who came to this country. I offer gratitude, in advance, for the healing that will occur on behalf of the people. And this year my heart will be bursting open in more gratitude for the nations that gather at Standing Rock. I am in awe of their power, their prayer and their ability to stand in their purpose for all of us. They are doing this for all of us. I am deeply grateful.


What can you do? You can hold a prayer in your heart, light a candle, maybe even include First Nations hearts in your meal prayer. Perhaps have gentle conversations with your family about the truth of this holiday and what it means to you. And if you really want to go all out – bless up the waters. Include the waters in your prayers today.


They sure are listening ♥


This, my friends, is how I hold this “holiday”. Close in my heart, as I bless it up for transformation. I invite you to consider the same. And together, our collective intentions turn the tide from sleeping to awake. Will you join me?


With love,




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