I was speaking about Reiki with a friend of mine recently. Like many folks, her understanding of the practice was incomplete, and she wasn’t aware of Reiki being anything more than a “woo woo” technique. When I explained to her that I have been a practitioner for almost 20 years, and that I hold the practice with a high level of integrity, she was grateful for the explanation and to hear about the Japanese roots of Reiki, along with the Buddhist culture that influenced its birth into the world. She suggested I post this, to encourage a broader understanding of the depth of the practice. Here are just a few truths about Reiki:
* Well trained Practitioners learn about the lineage from where Reiki comes.
* When you train with a seasoned teacher, you learn much more than a book will tell.
* Reiki invites our bodies and brains to restore their natural order.
* The symbols employed have their roots in Esoteric Buddhism & Shinto practice.
* An important component in Reiki is compassion.
* The laying on of hands is all that is required. There is no sound, nor stone, nor burning herbs that must accompany a session.
* Improvements in any condition can occur in 1-4 sessions.
* Reiki has no contraindications, there is no instance where it is not “safe” to practice it with or for someone.
* Reiki can be practiced with the hands, the eyes and the breath.
* It is much more than a relaxation technique. That is simply where it might begin.
* Physical & emotional healing can and do occur when consecutive treatments are taking place.
* The integrity of the practice is held intact by the broad majority of its practitioners. As a result of their discretion, they do their work quietly and sincerely.
* Healing the mind/quieting the thoughts are directly connected to healing the body.
* Gratitude, Kindness and Accountability for one’s actions are important principles in this practice.

Educating folks about the origins of this practice is an on-going flow. As we deepen our relationship with Reiki, we are able to discuss it in ways that people can understand. Thank you for reading this; please share widely.

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