It’s been a while since we’ve been able to gather together for in person events. And so now that we’re pretty much in the clear around all of the virus stuff, it’s really time to gather and be in sacred space, be in ceremonial space, be in community, and be connecting with the sacred together. I have a beautiful opportunity in a brand new space in my home to share workshops with you. My teachers have always taught in their home spaces and their homesteads and it’s really been a transformative experience for me over many years to learn with them in their home spaces. And I’m excited now to be able to offer some of my work out of my home space.


So one of the workshops that’s coming up is Spirit Rattles, it’s an opportunity to create your own handcrafted tools. There’s nothing in the world like making your own tools and the rattles I learned to make from my teacher, Becky has been something that has been really important in my healing journey. Rattles are worked with and used to move energy. They’re used for healing. They’re used to clear energy and they also can be used to move you into your own meditative state so that you can receive information so that you can journey.


If you’re a journeyer, they really are a fantastic tool that can become an extension of your hands and your body and move you into a place where you can connect with the sacred, connect with your own soul. And so I’m gonna be leading spirit rattles, which is a weekend intensive where you learn how to craft your own rattles from start to finish. Most most people who teach rattle making with the exception of my fantastic teacher, Becky, give you premade shells that you fill and you decorate. This process is very different.


You learn how to make rattles from beginning to end and you imbue energy into every single second, every single stitch, every single piece of the work that you do with these rattles. And from there you have tools that will last you a lifetime. We journey and connect with our own helpers to find out what energy needs to be in the rattles and then we make them into in all different shapes and sizes.Spirit Rattles September 15th to 17th in Western Massachusetts


Whatever you’re guided to make is what you make and I teach you how to make them to fit your hands so that you have not one but two rattles that you can use and work with. Working with two rattles at a time is a different experience than working with one rattle. It helps you to sync both sides of your brain and moves you into a meditative state much faster than if you’re just using one rattle.


And so I’m gonna be teaching you how to make the rattles. And also, we’ll be journeying and having the experience of being with the rattles and moving into meditative states together in a ceremonial space throughout the weekend. So you’re gonna learn how to make them, you’re gonna learn how to use them, and you’re also going to connect with people in community and have the opportunity to be in this sacred space together.


Spirit rattles is September 15th to the 17th. It’s in Western Massachusetts. I want to encourage you to ask questions if you have them. And if you’re drawn to making your own tools, if you’re a healer, an energy worker, and if you do any sort of work that moves you into a meditative state, this is for you. I assure you that you will not find a workshop like this or you won’t find anybody sharing rattle making in this way anywhere.


So if you’re wanting to do this, sign up, do it now make it happen. I don’t offer this very often and I really want as many people to make rattles as possible.


Spirit Rattles is happening September 15th through the 17th and happy to answer any questions.

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Two Heart Spirit Rattles


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