I have to tell you, these last few weeks have been quite a whirlwind. I am sure you have to be feeling it, too! Quick shifts in moods, in decisions. Things are what they seem, until they aren’t. And this goes back and forth. Hard to find our footing, at times. This, what we are experiencing right now is pretty unique. Feels more than just a few planets being retrograde, right? It’s not that the world has never seen a time such as this. It’s just that we, in our beings, have no frame of reference for this type of change and it’s unsettling at best. I was inspired to talk about this, to go live on Facebook about it actually, this past week. One of the Spiritworks tribe asked a question and I found myself with the urge to go live. I am glad I did, because it seems that a lot was covered and many people were feeling relieved that they aren’t alone.

I want to be sure you have a chance to hear it, so I am sharing it here. YouTube won’t let me upload or edit it so it’s the raw version.


Be Blessed,



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