I’ve been sharing with you my sacred listening method. It was created and developed, brought through to me to help you to tap into your guidance, to create an opportunity for you to change your life, expand your consciousness, and begin a process of sacred listening to your soul. And so through the Sacred Listening Method series, I shared many practices that I share when I teach this method, and I hope that you have enjoyed them. This is the ninth and final part of the series. Make sure you check out the other eight parts because there’s some real value that you’ll find in what I’m sharing with the Sacred Listening Method. And if you want to dive deeper, if you want to expand your consciousness and create a big shift for yourself so you can make a bigger impact, and you want my help or want to explore my help in doing that, make sure you sign up for a complimentary soul path breakthrough session, and we’ll open up some space for what’s possible for you, and we can talk about the best way to shift your consciousness and how we might help you do that.


Today is about vibration. Through this series, we talked about activation and alignment, about rooting in, we talked about neutralizing trauma and calling your power back to you. Many, many components to the Sacred Listening Method puts you in a place of spiritual sovereignty and being in your own power so that you can connect and hear the messages that are coming through. I’m going to leave you today with one of the pieces in the Sacred Listening Method that has had the most profound impact on me, and that is working with the vibration and the resonance of the sound that comes through me.


One of the most powerful healing tools that we have access to is the sound and vibration of our own voice. Now, we live in a world that tells us, “don’t sing. If you’re going to sing out of tune, nobody wants to hear you. You sound terrible.” All of that just keeps us down. If you agree to any of that or engage in any of that talk, I want to invite you to withdraw your agreement to that and really give yourself permission to use the sound inside of you. When you use the sound inside of you, you tap into an unstoppable force that allows you to release what you need to release and gives you access to a deep power that nobody can ever take away from you. So one of the things that you can do right now to start tapping into that sound and vibration, is to begin singing. You can sing a song that you like. You can sing a repetitive mantra or chant something that you can lose yourself in. That’s one of the ways that you can allow sound to come through you and actually move yourself into an altered state.


Another way that you can work with sound and vibration is to practice toning practice. And you can start with simple vowel sounds. When I do this in my groups, when we start doing it, people feel a little small, they feel a little shy, they’re a little hesitant, and their voices and their sounds are quiet. The more we do it, the more there’s permission to release the sound and the power in the sound is able to come through. So give it some practice and let it take on a life of its own. So you can sing a repetitive song or you can allow a vibration to come out of you the first time. I come out from the top. And then once you experiment more, it comes out from your solar plexus or your belly. And I’m going to give you an example of a song to sing and an example of a little bit of toning that you can do to start unleashing the sound inside of you. So one song that you can sing that not only opens your heart, reduces anxiety, and actually sends a message to your body that all is well. And it’s sung to the tune of a children’s song (see video). The words are simple. “Every little cell in my body is happy. Every little cell in my body is well. Every little cell of my body is happy. Every little cell of my body is well.” Super simple, and super easy. Let that get in you and you’ll find that you feel better. And you’re also telling your body all as well, every little cell as well. And as you know, your body believes what you tell it, and it increases your opportunity for healing and for expanding your vibration when you sing a song like that. So that’s a song that you can sing to yourself anytime, anywhere. Kids love it, humans love it. Play with that. That will expand your vibration.


The other thing that you can do if you want to go a little deeper, is to start practicing with the vowel sounds and let them come up and out of you. And we’ll start with “oh”, and kind of drag it out. And if you follow it through, you’ll notice a feeling and a sensation that comes out and through you. Super simple. Follow the O, follow the E, follow the A, whatever vowel sound you want, and let it come out for as long as you’re able. This practice brings a vibration through. That clears your system emotionally and psychically. And when your system is cleared emotionally and psychically, there is room for healing to occur, and there’s room for you to drop into that place of secret listening.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. If you want to dive deeper with me, sign up for a Soul Path breakthrough session. Have a beautiful, beautiful day.


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