Defining healing, the word healing itself. You would think that it is understood. What does healing mean? When I ask people, their response is actually not so readily available. So I wanna take a moment to talk about how I define healing and invite you to think about how you define healing, especially if you’re a healer, energy worker, or spiritual practitioner who helps other people to heal, it can be beneficial to have your own definition of what healing means.


I know for me, my definition of healing has evolved over time and because I work with healers and I help people all the time, I am continuing to look at what it means to heal. I know the mainstream medical folks look at healing in a different way than spiritual healing and energy working folks do.


So I wanted to kind of like dig into it and dive into it today. And then I want to hear how you define healing.


So to me, I boiled it down to be really simple, (although healing is never simple definition). For me, healing is the reduction or elimination of suffering. Most people, if they’re looking to heal something, are looking to heal something physical, emotional, or spiritual because they’ve been suffering. They’ve been experiencing pain and they want the pain to stop or at least to decrease. And so healing involves the reduction or elimination of suffering, which pain is included in suffering.


Healing is also about transforming a relationship with what is causing us pain, transforming a relationship with what is causing us to suffer, transforming a relationship with what hurts us. Healing doesn’t mean that the thing that we want to get rid of goes away. Often time people work through and walk with the thing that’s causing them pain, they work through and walk with the thing, physical, emotional, spiritual that is causing suffering. And so if we’re gonna walk with or in the cases where we need to walk with, the thing that is causing us pain, the way to walk with it is to create a relationship with it.


And I know that many people are not used to creating relationships with their own pain. We’re kind of programmed to be mad at our pain to be angry with, frustrated with the thing that’s causing the suffering. And I get it when we are in a lot of emotional pain or physical pain or spiritual pain. It’s excruciating. Nobody wants to get cozy with something that is really, really hurting them. And so this concept can be a little tricky and it also can be a gateway for something new to occur.


So, creating a relationship with what causes us pain requires some communication. It requires a conversation and that conversation can be verbal, it can be energetic, it can be intuitive conversation with what causes us pain. And that helps us to create a relationship and also transform our relationship with pain. Because most of the time when we have pain, we are in a crappy relationship with a thing that’s causing us pain.


And I hear this and see this all the time, people who have trouble with their knees or trouble with their neck or trouble with an organ, trouble with pain in some part of the body. The dialogue that happens between the person and that part of their body is often pretty cruel and pretty not helpful.

People say things like, oh I hate these knees. Oh I can’t stand this part of my body. Oh My neck is killing me that energy that those statements, that’s a dialogue with your body and it’s not so positive dialogue.

I understand why it’s not.


And I also understand that when we have a conversation with the pain, when we transform our relationship with the pain and the thing that’s causing us suffering, we create an opening for something new to occur.


If you think about it, any relationship you have with a human. If you talk to the human kindly, you’re gonna have a certain result. If you talk to a human in a nasty mean disrespectful way, you’re gonna have a different result. It’s the same thing with animals and also with plants, they’ve done studies where they measure the vibratory field of a plant. When someone speaks kindly to it, or someone speaks mean words to it. And the vibratory field of the plant changes depending on the energy that is coming from the words that are communicated to it.


So the way that we communicate matters and the way that we speak to our pain with our pain, the thing that is causing us suffering makes a difference. So all that to say my definition for healing is to reduce or eliminate suffering. And we can do that by transforming our relationship to the thing that’s hurting us. I’m gonna be talking more about how to do that.


Leave me a comment and let me know what your definition of healing is.


I’ll see you soon.

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