As I move along the healing path, I’ve learned that healing happens at many times – when don’t expect it, when we need it most or don’t even realize it’s about to happen. In my experience, healing happens when we’ve created space for something new to occur. As a healing conduit, most of the time I am opening a space for something new to occur and when I do and people show up for it, significant changes happen on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Ceremonial space allows for and invites this. 


Sometimes we show up a bit sad or angry, sometimes joyful or excited. We don’t need to be in a certain “space” for healing to occur. I offer healing programs where I facilitate individual shamanic sessions, healing treatments and coaching sessions. Each session is unique and it’s part of a larger experience a person is having.  At any moment, during any of these sessions, big shifts occur for a person without either of us “trying” to make it happen. This is because I’ve created a ceremonial container – across the length of time of the program, as well as in every single session I’m offering. In this container, the sacred forces step in and work through me as a conduit and the result that happens serves as a healing vehicle for my people.


I don’t need to force, manipulate or consciously rearrange anything. I simply hold a space in the ways I’ve learned to and something new occurs. Often, in my group circles and workshops, I ask people to bring a healing intention with them and place it in the circle, in the space created for the workshop. Without any conscious or direct focus on the persons issue, there are significant changes that occur for them. Pain is alleviated, energy moves in their bodies, new insights flow in and sometimes people experience spontaneous communication with their own spirit helpers. I don’t decide on any of this, I find out afterward when people contact me to tell me of their experience. 


What I’ve come to know and understand about this is that when I open up a ceremonial space (whether in person or on zoom, for a healing circle or a workshop), an opening is created and healing transmissions occur.


It is my heartfelt joy to open these spaces for my participants and community and I’ll be offering an opportunity to join me this month. Sacred Listening – A Shamanic Approach to Healing is a brand new, live workshop that I’ll be holding in ceremonial space. It’s for healers and holistic practitioners on May 25, 7-9pm EST and I would love it if you join me. You can reserve a space here and I’ll let you know what to bring!


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