Your greatest gift is already inside you


I help open the pathway to your power, so you can fully access that gift.


I developed the Sacred Listening Method so you can make breakthroughs in your consciousness and evolve into your full potential, able to move fluidly between the now and the infinite healing possibilities that exist. I share this method through the offerings you’ll find here. The Sacred Listening Method removes old beliefs and taps you into your magic by putting you behind the steering wheel of your own soul so you can reclaim your power to heal.


Transformational healing unlocks a window to your wisdom and puts you in touch with key information that shifts your consciousness so you make a bigger impact on the earth. Healing isn’t one size fits all, it shapes itself according to your soul path. The Sacred Listening Method teaches you how to access the realm of inner knowing and find your keys to personal evolution. It’s a unique system that releases you from old patterns and breaks you through to the freedom of what you’re here to do. I share this method through my SoulPath Programs.

Sacred Soul Path 1:! Sacred Mentorship Program
1:1 Sacred Mentorship Program to remove obstacles, restore power, & create your dream life

Are you tired of feeling like you are your own biggest obstacle?
Do you want to be in charge of your life and feel fully connected to your own soul?
Ready to move past what keeps you stuck so you can be of service?
In working with me, you will have a plan for how to regain your energy, learn how to push out what you don’t want, stop worrying and begin living with clarity and in wholeness.

Accelerate Sacred Training for Healers
4 Months packed with SPIRIT, ACTION and MENTORSHIP 

Accelerate gives you 18 Live online group training sessions, step by step instructions on how to activate the sacred healer within, clear instructions for how to grow your connection with spirit, and a supportive group of like minded next generation healers and leaders.

Healers Collective Program

This program is for you if you want to step into your light, offer your gifts to other people and would like the help of a spirit to make it happen. It’s for you if you want to ignite the fire inside of you and are ready to put your love, your heart and your commitment into YOU!

Massachusetts health and wellness course

Make a shift. Reveal your power to heal.


Pain and stress inhibit your body’s natural healing abilities.


When stress and pain are reduced, the body heals itself naturally, and you live with peace of mind.


12 Weeks to Wellness is consciously designed for people who are completely ready to reclaim their health and make a powerful shift in their energy levels to live their best life now!

alternative health Boston

A transformative program to support your wellness journey.

Imagine a program that allows you to receive restorative treatments several times per week for a month or more.

Envision the opportunity your body and mind have to return to their wholeness and well-being so you can feel your best.

Accept being able to afford the amount of treatments your body would need, and the investment is one you can afford on your own, or with the help of your community.

“Training with Brighid has helped me step out of fear and doubt, to reach for my goals and dreams with an understanding I could succeed. As a result of this work, I am confident that I have the tools to help me work through my obstacles. Brighid’s style is unique because she is down to earth and real. She gave me the tools to empower myself and my healing. I am blessed and grateful to have grown beyond what I could’ve thought possible thanks to the tools I’ve gained. ”
Laurie Mullen

Jikiden Reiki Practitioner and Herbalist, Inspire Holistic Center

“Brighid has such an amazing way of seeing you exactly where you are, strengths and challenges alike, and finding the gentlest, most graceful way to move you forward, deeper into your connection with both spirit and self. I highly recommend working with her if you feel called to do so.”
Riannon Zorn

Conscious Conditioning


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