I am wondering how you are feeling? Are you feeling calm amidst all the happenings on earth, or are you getting swept up with anxiety, worried about what’s taking place on the planet? Or maybe you go back and forth and are somewhere in between? I am hearing from so many, that they are disheartened by what they are seeing and feeling around them. Last week, I shared this on my Facebook page:


We have more power than we know. Please, dear friends and family. Take time away, use your vacation days at work, start an easy to commit to meditation or spiritual practice, reduce stress, and connect with loving like-minded people. All of these will alleviate the chaos and uncertainty we are feeling in these intense, earth-turning times. I love you all and we need you to be staying grounded, in your power and standing strong. Do not allow the fear to pull you into it’s river. We are so much more than that.


And as I am reflecting on this, I feel a sense of urgency to remind us all that we are the creators of our reality. We have a choice for where we place our attention. And what we place our attention on will grow. Even in these chaotic times. Particularly in these chaotic times. Especially in these chaotic times. We are at more of an advantage than a disadvantage. Chaos might seem daunting but the reality of it, is that chaos is actually just upheaval. And that means there is raw potential for anything to be born. Anything.


Right now we are seeing a spectrum of “anything” as all possibilities unleash themselves on the planet. We are seeing violence and fear, and we are also seeing great acts of love, solidarity and prayers spreading out on earth. What are you choosing to hold on to? Do you want to grab onto something new? If you do, now is the right time to start a daily grounding practice. Do you know that 5 minutes a day is enough to shift anxiety, create a new habit, and make a lasting significant change- if you commit to it everyday for 30 days or more? Don’t know what to do for 5 minutes?


Here are a few ideas:

  • Step away from electronics and breath
  • Hum, sing or chant continuously
  • Light a candle and offer gratitude to everything you can think of
  • Play a drum or a rattle or any instrument
  • Lay on the floor with your legs up over a chair and breath
  • Look at a picture or a statue of an ancestor, or some divine being you admire


We need you. The earth needs you. Your kids and grandkids, they need you to be centered and strong. It’s worth 5 minutes. We waste more time than that, fumbling to find our keys. Right?! I give you permission. To unhinge yourself for 5 minutes a day and do something for yourself. I promise – it will improve your energy, your concentration, your emotions, and most importantly – your ability to discern truth from fear. And right now, that’s one of the wisest choices you can make.


I have gone ahead and included something for you here. It’s a practice that takes 30 seconds. And it’ll keep you grounded, centered and strong. It’s the best place to be in these quick turning times. Will you give it a go?


All my best,


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